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Institute of Pet Nutrition Vita Hip & Joint Supplements

Chewable Supplements My Dogs Will Actually Eat

theherbivorehippie's picture
When you have large senior dogs, joint health is a concern for you. One of my seniors is a 160-pound Alaskan Malamute and the other is a 80-pound MalamuteHusky mix, so glucosamine is a staple in my home.Read more

Klairs Creamy & Natural Fit Concealer

Amazing Concealer For Eyes

Britta's picture
I have been using the Klairs Craemy & Natural Fit Concealer for quite some time now, but always forgot to write a review about it. So here I am finally sitting down to tell you more about this amazing concealer. Klairs is a Korean makeup and skincare brand.Read more

Benefit Cosmetics Eye Bright Eye Brightener

Great for under eyes

lauragabrielle's picture
I am forever looking for something to brighten up underneath my eyes, and this Benefit eye brightener is quite a good solution if you have dark circles. The product goes on easily, it's easy to blend into the skin but it does still cover the area quite well.Read more

Spider Woman's Daughter. Anne Hillerman

Anne Hillerman resurrects her father Tony's Leaphorn-Chee series

2labz's picture
When Tony Hillerman died in 2008, fans of his mystery series about two Navajo tribal policemen were crushed. The eighteen books of the Leaphorn-Chee series millions of copies in more than three decades before Hillerman passed from pulmonary disease two years after his last novel.Read more

NOW Foods Apricot Body Oil

Fantastic carrier for essential oils

Rachel Cook's picture
Rachel Cook
Pretty sure I've mentioned a time or two that I'm super picky when it comes to the stuff I put on my skin. I have a fairly strict policy that I won't put anything on my skin if I'm not willing to put it in my mouth.Read more

Andalou Naturals Creamy Meyer Lemon Cleanser

Combo or maybe Oily skin? This Cleanser is pure magic!

Pennie's picture
Yes! Finally I have found the perfect cleanser for my combo to oily skin type! I had another cleanser that was no good for my skin type. I also have very sensitive skin and can not use just any kind of products on my face and neck especially.Read more

Whole Earth Farms Grain-Free Recipe with Turkey & Duck Dry Dog Food

Merrick Product at a Budget-Friendly Price

theherbivorehippie's picture
I've always been a big fan of Merrick products, but I can't always squeeze them into my budget. When I heard about the company's Whole Earth Farms line, I was definitely intrigued. It made a grain-free, natural line, but at a much more affordable price.Read more

Lime Crime Velvetines Liquid Lipstick

Inconsistent formula - Hit or Miss

Britta's picture
Not so long ago, I uploaded a review of the Lime Crime Metallic Velvetines. It was my very first time I bought and tried a product from Lime Crime. When I received it I was super excited and once I tried it I was in love with the product.Read more

Inca Tea Punchau Peach Tea

Amazing Tea from a Cool Company

theherbivorehippie's picture
I had a huge craving for Peach tea, which is odd for me because it's one of my least favorite fruits. When I stumbled upon Punchau Peach by Inca Tea, I was instantly intrigued because it said it was made with purple corn.Read more

Sunshine Cheez-it Extra Toasty Crackers

Just what you want!

ab007's picture
If you're a fan of Cheez-its, there is a good chance that when you purchase a box and eat one that has been cooked for a little extra than the rest, it makes your mouth happy. Imagine a whole box of just that.Read more
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