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Johnson & Johnson Baby Bath Bedtime Body Wash - reviews

Average: 3.5 (2 votes)

  • Works as Well as Regular Baby Wash

    Katie Koch's picture

    My son is ten months old and even at his young age he refuses to abide to any sort of bedtime.  Naps have been out of his routine for awhile now as he just will not fall asleep.  We have tried all the obvious things to stimulate a relaxing evening for him in hopes that he will doze off at a… Read more

  • Soothing Scent

    RebeccaMcCurry's picture

    Johnson & Johnson's Baby Bath Bedtime is perfect for calming babies down to get them ready for bed. It includes a formula of Naturalcalm essences, which are gentle and soothing aromas that babies enjoy. Read more

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