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Johnson's Baby Pure Cornstarch Powder - reviews

Average: 5 (3 votes)

  • This Product is Great!!

    dawlfayce's picture

    I have been in search of a product that would work well on my baby's bottom for quite some time and thought I would never find anything that worked as well as what I expected. However, when I came across Johnson's Baby Cornstarch, I knew I had found something different. Read more

  • A classic bathroom item for anyone!

    thrifty101's picture

    When I was young I would see my mom use this powder, and I always thought it was for older girls. Once my little brother was born, I saw her use it in his diaper. As I grew older, I learned the many uses of baby powder. My favorite way to use it is for my bedsheets. Read more

  • I grew up with it.

    Pennie's picture

    I grew up with good smelling baby powders. I remember when I was a child that we had a huge metal container that was beautiful red. It always smelled so good and my mom used it on her feet and under her arms after taking a shower, and me and my sister did the same. Read more

Type: Powder
Brand: Johnson's
Category: Baby Care Products
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