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Vermont's Original Bag Balm - reviews

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  • Not just for cows, that's for sure!

    jranie22jr's picture

    If you can get past the smell, bag balm can be a miracle cure for so many ailments.  It definitely is not just intended for use for cows, or babies for that matter.  You can use this thick ointment on rashes, itching, chaffed or chapped skin, for moisture, or anything!  I use bag balm most… Read more

  • I’m Not a Cow, and I Use Bag Balm!

    kayciwebster's picture

    To start, this is not solely classified as a baby product. It is widely used by all ages, and was originally intended for cows. I love a product that you can use in a million different ways. Kind of like a Cure-All in a little tin. Thats what Bag Balm is in our house. Read more

  • More than Cow Cream

    Katie Koch's picture

    My son had been a rash free baby all his life so I never had a need to pay attention to diaper rash creams.  After getting a stomach virus he developed this horrible rash that was just awful.  His skin was bright red from his lower back all the way up to where his diaper fastens across his tummy. … Read more

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