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Written on Wednesday, January 15, 2014
Pros: 5g of whole grain, babies love it!

I babysit my 9 month old niece for a few days a week and her mom always leaves snacks for her. My niece's favorite snack, according to her mom, is the Gerber Graduates lil' Crunchies! She loves the veggie dip flavored ones. If I give her a few in a plate, she takes one in each hand and proceeds to take bites from each piece. She loves them and never refuses them! My sister said they were her first finger food and the first finger food she fed herself, even the little Gerber Puffs weren't something she ate right away.


Funnily enough, my four year old sees her cousin eating these and wants some too. I gave her some and she loves them too! Se loves them so much I may have to even go out and buy her some! Haha.


As for me, I hate the smell unfortunately. I don't know what kids see in these! I tried a few and they just don't taste very good in my adult opinion, but you can't argue with the opinions of a baby and preschooler!


I think they're a good snack with 5 grams of whole grain per serving (a serving is 16 pieces but my niece only eats about 5-7 at a time). They also have added iron, zinc, and vitamin E, all important for growing babies. I also like Gerber's system of labeling their products by child's stage of development. This helps parents know when the time is right, and is better than listing ages because every baby is different in when they hit certain milestones.

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Dandelion123 recommends Gerber Graduates lil' Crunchies

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Type: Snacks
Brand: Gerber
Category: Baby Food
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