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Written on Saturday, February 1, 2014
Pros: many locations, perks include select free museum entrance, reliable banking, up-to-date on modern modes of banking

I've been using Bank of America for about two years now, and my husband has used it much longer than that. The main things I use it for are simple checking and savings. They've been a reliable bank. I haven't had any major concerns with their banking system in the time that I've been a customer; in fact, they have been pretty generous in helping me out with some of my smaller concerns the few times that I've had them.

Bank of America tends to stay up-to-date on modern banking features, including now common ones such as drive-up ATM machines, online banking, paperless statements, and a banking app. Bank of America has a feature where you can deposit a check by snapping photos of it, per their guidelines, and uploading the photos to them through their app. I used this feature once, and while it seems like a neat idea, I didn't use it again for a couple of reasons. The first is that the money took longer to become available in my account when I used this method (I don't remember exactly how long now, but I believe it was a few days). The second is that I was advised to keep the check as a secondary measure for two weeks after the deposit. This makes sense as a safeguard, but as a person who likes to get rid of clutter, it just made the whole thing less convenient.

One of the things that I look for in a bank is availability of ATM machines and bank locations. This, of course, will vary from city to city, but there are plenty of locations in my hometown, and I've had no trouble finding Bank of Americas in other cities when I've traveled.

Also related to traveling, I've had experience with Bank of America actually temporarily deactivating our cards while on vacation, once they saw spending popping up in different locales, still stateside. We didn't have any trouble getting the card turned back on, and they caught that our locations had changed within a couple of days into our vacation, so all-in-all this was a reassuring experience. They might, however, have done better by getting in touch with us to let us know what they were seeing and that they'd turned the cards off, rather than letting us find out when the cards wouldn't go through at a store!

Lastly, if you have a Bank of America and live near certain larger cities, check out their program that allows you to get into certain museums free on the first weekend of each month. They are apparently big supporters of cultural programs and the arts. We actually didn't know about this, but it came in super-handy when we visited my sister in Atlanta last spring and went to a museum on our first afternoon there, only to find out that we all were able to get in free! There are many places worth checking out on their list.

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