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Written on Monday, August 18, 2014

It is a hundred years old, yet far from being old and unattractive. Its blue simple box with white sign on it has been its trademark for all this time. The cream of creams – Nivea; did not lose any of its softness, freshness and gentle smell.

Nivea has long been my choice number 1. I do not recall when I started using Nivea cream. It has been my favorite cream since long as I can remember. It is a universal cream for face

Great on facial skin
Great on facial skin
, body and hands
Great for hands as well
Great for hands as well
. The cream is greasy, but even so, the skin absorbs fairly quickly and does not remain greasy after application. I use it as a moisturizer for my face, and I can say that it is excellent. Nivea nourishes and hydrates the skin. I use it during the entire year, but I find it most effective during the winter months, because I have sensitive and freckled skin
Freckled skin of the face
Freckled skin of the face
. Nivea keeps my skin moist and it suppresses irritation that I get from wind exposure.  Many times during the winter, besides from being irritated, I get red spots on my hands from cold; I also use Nivea to get rid of those spots. I rub it on my hands and in a few hours I can really see the change it has made to my hands. The red spots are gone, and the irritation is gone as well. My skin feels smooth and soft again. You can buy it almost everywhere; in hypermarkets, pharmacies and drug stores. There are different sizes of packaging. I love this Nivea cream, and I always have it at home. It is a good substitute for everything. I like the texture of the cream,  thick, yet easily spreadable. If you like creams that are lighter and absorb extremely quickly, than I recommend Nivea Soft. These two creams are extremely alike, but with one major difference; Nivea Soft is much lighter and absorbs fast. I like them both, but Nivea cream is still my number one. I mostly apply it before going to sleep. Therefore, when I wake up in the morning; my skin feels rally softly, but off course you can use it anytime you like. The smell of Nivea reminds me on a baby cream, gentle and smooth. I love the way it feels on my skin; it is cool and refreshing. I use it on my hands and my face. I have a daughter (eight years old), and she uses Nivea as well. She saw me using it, when she was much younger, and she wanted to try it out. She has been using it since then. I love it. I honestly cannot remember one thing that I do not like about it. I highly recommend Nivea cream to all and not just to people who have some minor skin problems, like red spots from the cold or wind or things like that. I would recommend Nivea to anyone who likes thick, rich and moist creams.
Creamy and moist
Creamy and moist

The thing that I also love about Nivea cream is that it stayed in almost the same package over the years (with some minor changes). It stayed true to its self. It is recognizable to everyone. Blue and white color make the perfect combination on the package. As I said; I would recommend Nivea cream to anyone!

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Baglaminka recommends Nivea Creme

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Type: Moisturizer
Brand: Nivea
Category: Body Care
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