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Vaseline Original Skin Protectant Petroleum Jelly - reviews

Average: 4.4 (5 votes)

  • Ancient Miracle Jelly

    STYLIST100's picture

    Vaseline Petroleum Jelly has been a household staple in my family for many generations.  I used to see it standing on my grandmothers antique bedroom dresser.  She mainly used it as an undereye cream to smoothe out her wrinkles.  My mother kept her jar of Vaseline inside our bathroom vanity… Read more

  • It's so so

    Britta's picture

    I have been using the Original Vaseline Petroleum Jelly for years and years now and whenever I have super dry skin and nothing works, I knew that I could go back to Vaseline and it would help my skin to go back to normal. Read more

  • A Must-Have Household Item

    mmumbi's picture

    Petroleum Jelly has so many uses and I thought I should buy one two months ago. No  matter how chapped and overly-cracked my lips are, this petroleum jelly will always do the trick. Read more

  • Petroleum jelly everyone should have

    hdgallagher's picture

    Vaseline original petroleum jelly is one of the things I found very helpful when I arrived in Ireland. My husband gave it to me when he noticed that my lips got very dry after few hours of exposure to very cold winter temperature in Ireland. Read more

  • A must have product in my house!

    Lisse09's picture

    Vaseline 100 Pure Petroleum Jelly is a great skin protectant that has many different uses. In our house we use Vaseline Jelly for a variety of reasons. A few include chapped lips, dry skin and eczema issues. Read more

Brand: Vaseline
Category: Body Care
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