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Written on Saturday, September 20, 2014

Vaseline Petroleum Jelly has been a household staple in my family for many generations.  I used to see it standing on my grandmother’s antique bedroom dresser.  She mainly used it as an undereye cream to smoothe out her wrinkles.  My mother kept her jar of Vaseline inside our bathroom vanity cabinet.  She reached for it whenever she had dry and cracked lips, which were inevitable during the winter season.  I keep my Vaseline on my closet shelf, along with the antibiotic creams and band-aids.  I use it for multiple reasons, but mainly for moisturizing the two driest parts of my body – the rough cuticles around my fingers and my ashy knees.

Vaseline Petroleum Jelly was invented back in 1870 by a British chemist by the name of Robert Augustus Chesebrough.  He experimented with petroleum and discovered its benefits for healing skin.  He then purified it many times so that it could be safe to use.  Mr. Chesebrough believed in his product and he made every effort to introduce it to the American people.

“Chesebrough traveled around the state of New York in a horse and cart, spreading the word about his “miracle” product by demonstrating on himself – burning his skin with acid or an open flame and then spreading the clear jelly on his injury, showing at the same time past injuries that had healed with the aid of his protective jelly.” -

Vaseline has many wonderful uses.  As I mentioned above, it will heal and moisturize dehydrated lips.  It will soothe fine lines and wrinkles on your face.  It does wonders for overworked cracked soles of the feet.  You can apply it to the ends of your hair to mend split ends.  Dry cuticles around your nails will be restored and your manicure will look fabulous.  If you cut or accidentally burn yourself, slather on some Vaseline, and it will act as a barrier from impurities to promote faster healing.  Windburn and sunburn are two harsh elements that damage our skin, but a little bit of Vaseline will speed up the recovering process if you are exposed to them.  I also hear that it does wonders for people who suffer from overly dry itchy skin known as Eczema.

I like the fact that Vaseline Petroleum Jelly is thick and creamy.  Once it is applied, it stays put and soaks in.  It’s not runny and doesn’t slide away like most moisturizers.  The only thing about this Vaseline product that I find to be a downfall is that it is extremely greasy.  I wouldn’t suggest slathering your whole face with it at one time, because you will end up looking like an oily frying pan used for cooking fried chicken.  A little bit goes a long way and it’s better to use it for smaller areas of the skin in one application.

A tub of Vaseline Petroleum Jelly can be bought with pocket change.  A medium sized 3.75 oz tub costs @ $2.50 US Dollars.  You can find it almost anywhere; at your local drugstore, grocery store, retail store, and also on many online stores. 


This is what the front cover of a 3.75 oz tub of Vaseline Petroleum Jelly looks like.

Vaseline Petroleum Jelly
Vaseline Petroleum Jelly


It has a distinctive blue top with the name Vaseline branded on it.

Vaseline Petroleum Jelly
Vaseline Petroleum Jelly

Inside you will find a thick and creamy serum that has a whitish-yellowish hue.

Vaseline Petroleum Jelly
Vaseline Petroleum Jelly

This is how I apply it to my rough cuticles around my nails.

Vaseline Petroleum Jelly
Vaseline Petroleum Jelly

The end result is a healthy looking manicure.

Vaseline Petroleum Jelly
Vaseline Petroleum Jelly

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Brand: Vaseline
Category: Body Care
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