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Written on Thursday, July 16, 2015
Pros: absurdist, hilarious
Cons: a bit of a reach

Andrew Yancy seemed to have life by the tail: a gorgeous (and horny) no-strings-attached married girlfriend, a house in Florida with sunsets just as gorgeous as Bonnie, and a job as a cop in a jurisdiction with almost no crime. His idyllic life went sideways, though, when he played proctologist on his girlfriend’s husband with a Dirt Devil®, the result of which was being demoted to restaurant inspector. And then a developer built a house between his patio and those gorgeous sunsets. And then it got worse: he found out that the bountiful Bonnie was on the lam from Oklahoma...

Yancy’s problems seemed to have paled along those of Nicholas Stripling, whose left arm was pulled out of the Gulf by a tourist – only the one arm, that is. Hoping to get his detective job back, Andrew delivered the unaccompanied arm to the Medical Examiner in Miami. The ME (she's hotter than the proverbial firecracker, by the way) said the arm looked suspicious, but neither Yancey's boss nor Stripling’s widow wanted any complications. Back to the restaurant kitchens...

Other people had their own problems, too: out in the Bahamas, Neville Stafford had a little problem with the developer who'd bulldozed the Stafford ancestral home. The local voodoo queen’s curses weren’t working on Christopher Grunion, and Neville's monkey (named Driggs, for unknown reasons) was getting more unruly every day. Bad Monkey, Driggs!

Perhaps life would get better for both Yancy and Neville if the two compared notes. Courtesy of Carl Hiaasen, that's exactly what was going to happen.

For his latest, Bad Monkey, Florida’s crown prince of sarcasm - Carl Hiaasen - leaves Miami and the Everglades, bound for the islands - the Florida Keys and Bahamas. He’s accompanied by the usual cast of zany Floridians found in a Hiaasen novel, though. Consider the monkey, Driggs: he's mean, dirty and poop-flinging; run off the set of "Pirates of the Caribbean" by the director. Or perhaps you’d like to meet a retired cop who’s living off the cash he scammed from CrimeStoppers or his liposuction-addicted wife?  What about the sex-fiend voodoo priestess – a half-blind cigar-chomping wackjob who thinks the aforementioned monkey is a little boy? Those are the kind of weirdos only Carl Hiaasen could dream up.

Andrew Yancy is quite the character himself: he’s so grossed-out by the kitchens of the local restaurants that he's lost 15 pounds! He’s a pretty good detective, though: he’s convinced Nicholas Stripling has met an untimely demise, but little does he know. The ladies in his life are “special” in their own way. Andrew did ditch his Okie sex maniac in favor of the sexy medical examiner, but this one likes getting it on on the autopsy table – and the Okie just might come back  to haunt him. As for the monkey, he’s so bad he's good.

A new setting or not, Carl Hiaasen is up to his usual standard. If you like wacky mysteries drenched by absurdity and spiced up by with little kinkiness, don’t miss Bad Monkey!

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2labz recommends Bad Monkey. Carl Hiaasen

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Category: Books
Author: Carl Hiaasen
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