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Written on Monday, August 24, 2015
Cons: repetitive, same story from a different perspective, series has gotten off-track

The latest installment in the Lorien Legacies series, The Guard begins where The Navigator ended. Lexa, the Lorite who flew a museum-piece ship to Earth, has gone underground to hide from the dreaded Mogadorians who destroyed her home world. Though he has no connection to the Nine Garde, Lexa  is determined to help the children carry out their destiny – apparently to return to Lorien and save it. A galaxy-class hacker, Lexa makes a living hacking financial accounts and spends it on ways to help the Garde, Over the years, she meets Sam’s father Malcolm Goode and actually sets up the website “They Walk Among Us” to monitor the news of the other nine Lorites. She takes the name Guard partially as a clue to her true identity.

While all heck breaks loose and the remaining Garde (along with Sarah and Sam) bring the fight to the Mogs at Dulce base, Guard is working behind the scenes to help Mark James expose the connections between the Mogs and power-hungry evildoers in the government. If the Garde need help and it involves computers and the internet, Guard is there to lend a hand.

As the Lorien Legacies series spins merrily along, “author” “Pittacus Lore” – at one time co-writers Jobie Hughes and James Frey, but now reduced to a string of freelance ghost writers – has taken to back-filling the story with side projects about non-Garde characters. So far Lore has released novellas featuring Sam, Mark, and even a Mog sympathizer named Adam (though nothing featuring Sarah – wonder why?). Lately, though, there’s been very little about the Nine (or is it Ten) themselves. These last three novellas – each of which is only sixty or seventy pages in a 150-page format – serve more as filler and a way to tease the interest of readers invested in the series.

The Guard and the other two loosely-related novellas (The Navigator and The Fugitive) essentially serve only to keep the series moving along at an idle. What action readers see in this installment was already described in The Fugitive from Mark’s perspective, but such repetition is not a good way to raise the level of interest. It’s time for Pittacus Lore to get the series cooking along again with a real novel – preferably one that brings the series to a close in a final battle with the evil Setrakus Ra. Come on, Pittacus - it's about time for a real showdown!

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2labz recommends The Guard. Pittacus Lore

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