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Written on Saturday, January 3, 2015
Pros: grain-free, limited ingredients, no additives
Cons: fairly pricey

Our little kitty’s life today is far different from her first few years with us. For one, she’s moved 1000 miles from her home town; and though we still have two dogs, they’re not the same two. She got along great with the original pair, but she and the newest member of the family are still getting along like… well, like cats and dogs. As a result, she’s now almost completely nocturnal: she naps upstairs during the day, and prowls the ground floor at night when her arch enemy is asleep behind a closed door.

Given her stress level, her health could suffer. One way we try to keep her healthy is to feed her quality foods; mostly dry food with a tablespoon or so of premium canned food twice a day. A couple of years ago, we upgraded her dry food from IAMS to Blue Buffalo Basics Limited Ingredient Formula. She is clearly appreciative, especially for the Turkey and Potato recipe.

If you’re Blue, “limited ingredient” means your food doesn’t contain:

  • Chicken or poultry by-products (including egg)
  • Corn, wheat or soy
  • Artificial preservatives or flavors.

What you do include looks a lot like Thanksgiving dinner at Grandma’s: there’s turkey, potatoes, peas, cranberries, oatmeal and brown rice (I suppose that’s in some people’s Thanksgiving dinner). There’s a little alfalfa; and some blueberries, carrots, barley and kelp. That’s not to mention a bunch of unpronounceable ingredients that are just vitamins (e.g., pyroxidine = B6; folic acid = B9) and minerals like selenium and copper. There’s even Lactobacillus and Saccharomyces (also known as yeast) for intenstinal health.

It’s good-looking food, small brown kibbles about the size of a BB. About a tenth of them are a little smaller and a lot darker: these are what Blue calls “LifeSource Bits,” and are filled with antioxidants and essential nutrients. Kitty doesn’t seem to pay attention to the color, she snarfs them all down happily. We (Mom and Dad) appreciate that Blue’s grain-free (except for the oats and barley) and ingredient  number one in the list is turkey, followed by turkey meal and potato.

Analysis: crude protein minimum 30%, crude fat minimum 12%, crude fiber maximum 3.5%, moisture maximum 10%, Magnesium min 0.08%, taurine minimum 0.15%, Omega 6 fatty acids minimum 2.5%, Omega 3 fatty acids minimum 6%.  For an up-to-date ingredient list, consult a bag or Blue’s website.

Though she’s almost eleven now, kitty still seems healthy: she has strong teeth (and claws); a clean, shiny coat; a slender abdomen; and a playful demeanor. She gets most of her exercise running up and down our spiral staircase, taunting the dogs, and attacks her scratchers happily. She rarely coughs up a hairball, and leaves well-formed, solid stools in her litter box.

Kitty transitioned from IAMS to Blue Basics Limited Ingredient Formula easily. We expect her to live to a ripe old age; and maybe even warm up to her little brother some day.

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2labz recommends Blue Buffalo Co. Basics Turkey and Potato Recipe Dry Cat Food

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