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Dell Inspiron Dual Core Laptop - reviews

Average: 4.7 (3 votes)

  • This is my main computer for personal, school, and work use.

    kayciwebster's picture

      I have had my Dell Inspiron Dual Core Laptop for a couple of years now. I bought it at first mainly to have my own personal device from which to work (I work from home online and my family shares the desktop computer for entertainment purposes). Read more

  • Can't Get Enough

    thrifty101's picture

    I cannot get enough my my Inspiron. I absolutely love this laptop. I got this laptop over a year ago for Christmas. I use this for work, school, and playing games. I am using now as I write this review . Read more

  • A great work or leisure companion

    fairynatb's picture

    I have had my Dell Inspiron Dual Core laptop for nearly two years now, short of a month. I liked the look of it with its matte black cover and its 15.6-inch WLED screen. This size screen is big enough for what I do with my laptop; work as a web writer and watch my favourite movies and clips online. Read more

Type: Laptop
Brand: Dell
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