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Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 Tablet - reviews

Average: 4.7 (3 votes)

  • Excellent First Tablet

    vitalaeon's picture

    This is the first tablet I had ever bought and I'm impressed with it. I was thinking about getting a Kindle, however the Samsung Galaxy Tab2 was more in my price range and it seemed to suit my needs. I can run a great many applications on my tablet and it is pretty light weight. Read more

  • Love This Tablet

    lizabeth420's picture

    I have had this table since around the time it came out. I have loved it since day one. It is a really fun and convenient thing to have, especially on trips. This tablet makes it incredibly easy to read books on which is one of the things I love. Read more

  • Love this tablet!

    lauraliz7's picture

    This tablet is lots of fun and really useful. I never thought I needed a tablet, but I was able to use one on loan from work and really liked it. I can take notes at conferences without having to carry a big laptop around - the table fits right in my purse. Read more

Type: Tablet
Brand: Samsung
Category: Gadgets
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