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Written on Friday, January 2, 2015
Pros: excellent connectivity, good graphics, long lasting battery life, perfect size, smooth video play, sturdy, very responsive touch screen
Cons: front facing camera only, no hdmi port, no usb port

When I decided I wanted a tablet there were a lot of choices, but I didn’t want to spend too much money and I don’t care for Apple products, so I started out by trying a few different lower end tablets by obscure manufacturers. I really didn’t think I would do that much with one, but I wanted one anyway. The first couple I tried were so slow I couldn’t stand it. I think the longest one lasted about 2 weeks before I gave up on it. I also tried a Kindle Fire, which was nice. I didn’t like having to go through Amazon for everything, but I thought it was the best I could do at the time.

My Nexus Lockscreen
My Nexus Lockscreen

Then my husband bought me a Nexus for my birthday. I already had an android phone so I was familiar with the operating system. And I started to play with it. And I thought it was the best thing since sliced bread. Better even than my husband’s Sony, which I had been very envious of until that point. The 7 inch size is absolutely perfect for surfing the net, reading my ebooks and magazines, watching videos and even watching movies. The quad core processor makes sure the Nexus keeps up with everything. I have an app to connect to my cable tv provider and I can watch movies and my favorite tv shows with no glitches, no lag time, no waiting for the buffer to catch up.

There are hundreds of thousands of Android apps, so there are plenty of games to choose from the Google Play Store, and the Nexus has more than enough storage space for all the games I want, as well as part of my Kindle library. I have over 200 books in my Kindle library, so trying to keep all of them on the Nexus would be rather silly, even if it did have enough storage for all of them. If I use ear buds, the sound quality of the Nexus is pretty darn good and both movies and audio books come through loud and clear, as does music when I just need some tunes while I’m reading or sitting with my knitting in the evening.

The forward facing camera is great for video chatting with Skype, and I have no desire to take pictures with my tablet, so not having a rear facing camera doesn’t faze me a bit.

Textured back
Textured back

Although I do have a couple of different protective cases for it, when I’m at home I usually don’t bother with them. The textured back of the tablet keeps it from being slippery, which is a huge bonus over a lot of other tablets. I do use a case when I take it to the laundromat or the doctor’s office, just to be sure it doesn’t get scratched in my purse, but the glass is pretty sturdy and even with banging it around a bit at home, it still hasn’t gotten damaged.

The battery life is really good and I can read for about 10 hours or stream 2 to 3 movies before I need to recharge. And the recharge time is pretty quick so I don’t have to wait forever for it. If I want to, I can actually charge it while I’m reading on it. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have a USB or HDMI ports which would be really nice to have, but that’s just something I’ve gotten used to, and it doesn’t bother me that much anymore.

I love my Nexus and wouldn’t trade it for anything. Well, not anything that I’ve used so far. If not having the additional ports or a rear facing camera aren’t an issue for you, I would recommend the Nexus 7 as the tablet to buy. I love mine!

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bharper recommends Google Nexus 7 Tablet

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Brand: Google
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