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Written on Wednesday, January 7, 2015
Pros: easy to clean, nice tight buns, non-stick coating
Cons: light-weight steel, only makes six

Next time you’re at the local coffee shop, watch the person at the next table eating that gigantic bran muffin. They don’t cut it in half with a knife like a roll, they don’t take a big bite like a cupcake: unless I miss my guess, the muffin-eater will break pieces off the top and eat the crispy bits first. If your neighbor’s a woman, she might leave the “stem” uneaten. Let’s be honest – the bottom two-thirds of muffins are usually pretty dull and lifeless.

That’s why the Chicago Metallic Original Muffin Top Pan is sure to be a hit at your next book club meeting or family brunch: all it makes is the top third of the muffin! Unlike a regular muffin tin, the six pockets in the muffin top pan are only about half an inch deep, though they’re four inches wide. All this thing makes is six of the crispy-crunchy parts everyone likes. Well, it also makes hamburger buns, and pretty good ones at that: just the right size for a quarter-pounder with lots of fixin’s, and with a flat bottom and nicely-rounded top.

Chicago Metallic makes it dishwasher-safe, and gives it a Silverstone® non-stick surface. You don’t need paper liners, since the non-stick surface release muffins easily.

Do be aware that the steel used to make it is rather light gauge, especially compared to the company’s professional pans. I haven’t noticed any scorching, but you will want to keep an eye on it the first time or two you use it. 

Because of the large size, the muffin-tops are about the same volume as a regular cupcake. All the muffin recipes I see make more than six pieces, so you’ll either need a second Muffin-top pan or enough patience to bake a second batch.

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2labz recommends Chicago Metallic Non-Stick Muffin Top Pan

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