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Written on Wednesday, December 11, 2013

I used to buy canine chicken jerky at the pet store until they were all recalled because they were made in China and the producers of that brand were feeding massive amounts of antibiotics to their chickens, which in turn ended up in the meat and passed onto the dogs who consumed them.  Some dogs died and it just became unacceptable to feed our dogs anything that was not made in America. 

The first treats I found were unbelievably expensive. I tried several brands, but my dog liked the most expensive ones so those were the ones I purchased.  Then my husband found Full Moon dog treats which are much cheaper.  They are not cheap, but they are more economical than most American-made dog treats.

The treats are made from human grade products, not that I’ve tried any myself.  In fact, it states three times on the package that the treats are made for dogs, not for you!  The packages advertise that the chickens used are cage free and the treats are made with no artificial flavors or preservatives.

The important thing is that my dog likes them and they are reasonably priced.  My dog is a very picky eater.  In fact, I have to feed him his meals with a spoon and sometimes have to beg him to just lick the spoon to get him started.  It was a relief to find the Full Moon because he expects treats after his meals.

The chicken jerky has the most amount of protein out of the three featured here with 70% protein and only 4 ingredients.  The treats are crunchy.

The chicken strips have the second most amount of protein out of the three treat types featured here with 55% protein and four ingredients.  They are soft and break apart easily.

The chicken bacon recipe has 35% protein and 12 ingredients, including ingredients for flavoring and color.  These treats are crunchy.

When given one of each of these treats, my dog will sometimes choose the crunchy jerky first and then the soft chicken strip and other times he chooses the soft chicken strip first and then the crunchy jerky, so it is hard to tell which one he likes most; however, he always chooses the bacon flavor last.  He’ll eat them, but he prefers the other two with the higher amounts of protein and fewer ingredients.

I highly recommend these treats because they are economical and apparently tasty.  They are made in America and appear to be made by a company with integrity.  While you can get them on line, they are cheaper at Wal-Mart. 

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LindaGregg recommends Arthur Pet Products Full Moon Natural Dog Treats

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