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Written on Friday, September 25, 2015
Pros: grain-free, locally-sourced meat
Cons: made the dogs flatulent

We know our blonde Lab isn’t Jewish – she’s a Texas native, so she’s probably Baptist. On the other hand, our rescue pooch came to us with no history, so when Rosh Hashanah rolled around we decided to give him some nice Kosher chicken for his daily canned-food treat. OK, not really – it was just accidental that we had a can of Evanger’s Classic Recipes Cooked Chicken around the house, but it is Kosher for Passover = so what the heck?

The contents of the big can look appetizing; not a whole lot different from the contents of canned meats for humans. Better than some… Evanger says that not only is the food Kosher (certified by the cRc), but it’s also grain-free and contains no artificial ingredients, salt or fillers. The only ingredients on the label are chicken, water, liver, and guar gum. Evanger says the meats are pure and locally-sourced. Naturally, this stuff only looks like chunks of chicken – that guar gum is a binder, holding together tiny bits of ground-up chicken and liver.

Whatever the ingredients, the dogs devoured their daily tablespoon or so. Admittedly, they’re not that picky – they also devour kitty leftovers if they can get ahold of them. Since it usually takes four or five days for the two to finish a 12- to 14-ounce can of food, we’re not as picky as we are about their dry food. What we are picky about is their excrement and their flatulence.

We didn’t notice any changes in either dog’s poop habits or consistency. On the other hand, we did notice that both dogs exhibited pronounced flatulence (farting, if you must) while eating this food – especially the male. The scent of burning rubber wafted through the house for several days.

Evanger Classic Recipe Cooked Chicken appears to be quality food made from quality ingredients. We like that it’s grain-free and locally-sourced. We don’t like that it makes the dogs fart – that might be the chicken, we don’t know. Next time we both have a head cold, we’ll try some other Evanger foods – but not while we can smell the results…

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2labz recommends Evanger's Classic Recipes Cooked Chicken Wet dog food

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Type: Wet dog food
Brand: Evanger's
Category: Dog Food & Treats
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