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Minties Vet Grade Dental Dog Treats - reviews

Average: 4.7 (3 votes)

  • A good treat that kills bad breath!

    Pennie's picture

    I have 2 dogs, and let's face it, dogs like to sniff, taste things that they should not even sniff or taste, but there it is, they all do it, period! My dogs don't have killer breaths but they do have bad breaths every now and then, especially my male dog. He has a very sensitive stomach so his… Read more

  • Best dental treat out there

    megamelfina's picture

    My little dachshund has the worst breath, despite brushing her teeth and giving her chew toys. We have tried a lot of different dental treats to try to freshen her breath. This is by far the best one yet. Read more

  • Dogs Breath Has Never Smelled Fresher

    treybisbellatru's picture

    I bought a pack of these for my dog. He is a very large Labrador. I do not recommend buying these if you want them to last more than 2 seconds. But they do, however, fresh my dogs breath like i took him in and had his teeth professionally cleaned. My dog loves these and eats them right up. Read more

Type: Dog Treats
Brand: Minties
Category: Dog Food & Treats
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