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Amazon Kindle Paperwhite - reviews

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  • Ruddy brilliant

    lamarie's picture

    I had the very first Kindle when Amazon first brought it out - it was one of the Kindles with the full keyboard. I absolutely loved it and it lasted me a good three years but after I dropped it into sand one too many times at the beach, it died - and so I had to get a new one Santa brought me this… Read more

  • I Love This eBook Reader

    fyyrest0rm's picture

    I have been an avid reader for as long as I can remember. From the time I was a kid I always had a book in my hand, and by the time I grew up, I had a huge collection of hardbacks and paperbacks. Read more

  • Kindle Paperwhite Next-Gen: Amazon Really Nailed It

    kayciwebster's picture

    I used my old Kindle eReader for years, and when Amazon came out with the Kindle Paperwhite, I was interested, but watched and waited. I worried about things like battery life and eye strain from back lighting. Read more

Type: E-Reader
Brand: Amazon
Category: Gadgets
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