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Written on Thursday, April 18, 2019

My bestie is a self-confessed “Selfie Queen”. Nearly everywhere we go she needs to snap a selfie so she can share it to Facebook. Myself, I’m pretty much the opposite. I avoid having my picture taken at all costs. I’d much rather take pictures than be featured in them, but there are a few instances where I can be swayed. My motivator of preference is in the form of money.


That’s right, if I’m going to snap a selfie you can darn well guarantee I’m only doing it because I’m being paid.


That’s why I like the Pay Your Selfie app. This nifty little survey app is available for both Iphones and Androids, and like most apps that promise money they’ll give you a little bonus booster for referring your friends. (Please feel free to use my referral number when downloading this app to your own phone - hint hint).


Payment is sent via PayPal, and you can cash out when your balance reaches $20.00. At first, reaching the $20 threshold was slow going, since most of the selfie opportunities pay only $.10 to $.50, then they started the Selfie Saturday program where each Saturday a new selfie opportunity rolls around that pays $1.00. Time is of the essence, however, because each opportunity only lasts for so long. Selfie Saturday, as its name would suggest, only lasts 24 hours.


Like most survey applications, the more active you are as a user, the more likely you are to be invited to participate in money-making opportunities, and new surveys are added each week. Are you going to get rich quick off this application? Heck no! But it’s a simple way to make a little fun money on the side.

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