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Sony Playstation 3 Dualshock 3 Wireless Controller - reviews

Average: 4.8 (4 votes)

  • Awesome Controller!

    ab007's picture

    I love our Playstation 3 console, but I also love the controllers. In my house we have the black controller that came with the console, and I also bought another controller that is an urban camo print, which is as useful as it is cool to look at. Read more

  • Lightweight and Comfortable

    fyyrest0rm's picture

    The Dualshock 3 wireless controller is made by Sony to work with the Playstation 3 console system. Unlike other console controllers, the Dualshock 3 is lightweight and comfortable. It fits perfectly in the hand without all the bulk of many of the other controllers on the market. Read more

  • Sony does it again.

    TheSeeker91's picture

    Sony knows how to not fix something if it doesn't need to be broken, and that's what you get when you buy their controller for the PlayStation 3. Little has changed from the PS2 to the PS3; the buttons are still there, the sticks are in the same place, but now there is a button in the center to… Read more

  • Stick with the Original Control for Best Gaming Experience

    Hobson's picture

    If you ask any person that calls themselves a gamer what their favorite controller is, the answer you will usually get is the original system controller. Read more

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