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Tetra Color Tropical Fish Flakes - reviews

Average: 4 (2 votes)

  • Easy to serve, fish love it

    alicia65613's picture

    When I first got my fish, I tried a few different varieties of fish food to find out which ones would be more effective. When I tried TetraColor Tropical Fish Flakes I thought they would enhance the color of the aquarium like the container suggested. It did not, but that was okay. Read more

  • A basic, inexpensive fish food

    megamelfina's picture

    This is some basic fish flakes that will enhance the color of your aquarium fish. It is designed for tropical fish. It has natural color-enhancing ingredients. The flakes are easy to serve and the container is durable and you can slide it so that it will be closed, avoiding spills. Read more

Type: Flakes
Brand: Tetra
Category: Fish Food
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