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Written on Monday, December 23, 2013
Pros: good value, resealable bag, snails love them

If you have bottom dwellers, you may need to supplement their feedings with a sinking wafer. These ones are made with algae so they are perfect for bottom dwellers like snails, cory cats, or plecos. I have snails, so I use these to supplement the leftover food and algae.

They sink right to the bottom so the snails and other bottom dwellers can get them. Most other fish don’t have an interest in them. My snails LOVE them. They climb all over each other to get to it. It’s fun to sit and watch them eat. However, be sure if they don’t eat all of it to remove the remains. You don’t want it to rot and increase your ammonia levels.

These wafers are good for vegetarian fish, but if you have omnivores you will want to supplement with some more protein as well. Tetra has other great products. These wafers come in a nice, resealable pouch so the wafers stay fresh. It’s very easy to grab one and add it to the tank. I keep it with my other fish food.

Highly recommended for your snaily pals or other bottom dwellers!

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megamelfina recommends Tetra Veggie Algae Wafers Sinking Wafers

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Brand: Tetra
Category: Fish Food
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