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Arm and Hammer Pure Baking Soda - reviews

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  • So many uses for this product

    ronnywriter's picture

    Who doesn't have Arm & Hammer baking soda is their home? This is one of those products that everyone should have because it can help with so many jobs. Read more

  • Thousands Of Uses

    treybisbellatru's picture

    The Arm and Hammer Pure Baking Soda is a must have in any kitchen. Arm and Hammer Pure Baking Soda has a million uses that make up for the very inexpensive cost. Not only does Arm and Hammer Pure Baking Soda clean and deodorize but it is also the perfect solution for a diaper rash! Read more

  • Works great for so many things

    alicia65613's picture

    Arm & Hammer baking soda is a very versatile product. I typically keep at least 2 boxes on hand around the house. One is always kept in the refrigerator. The baking soda helps to absorbs odors, especially from foods such as onions and garlic and it keeps the fridge smelling fresh and clean. Read more

  • Arm & Hammer Baking Soda is a Necessity in the Kitchen and All Over the House

    debbieh13's picture

    Arm & Hammer Baking Soda is a necessity all over the house, but it is also a necessity for baking in the kitchen. The proper name for baking soda is Sodium bicarbonate and it is used in cooking as a leavening agent that allows baked goods be light and airy. Read more

Type: Baking Soda
Category: Food & Drinks
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