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Written on Monday, January 20, 2014
Pros: some are great!
Cons: some are dreadful!

Some of the Bolthouse Farms fruit drinks are really good.  My favorite, which is not pictured here, is the Blueberry.  I also like the Strawberry Banana.  The Daily Greens states that it has enough fruit juice in it so that you don't notice you are getting 4.5 servings of vegetables--and pear juice is the majority ingredient--but it's not true.  This drink is dreadful.  I can't even describe it.  And when I look at the ingredients, there's nothing I recognize that I hate, but I don't recognize everything, like chicory and wheatgrass.  There was a taste of something that I could not identify that I didn't like, but it was something familiar.

The blueberry drink and mixed berry drinks are wonderful.  They are not pictured here, but since I find it difficult to eat enough blueberries, the drink really provides the ingredients from berries that I need.  They also taste really good.  I'm not crazy about the pomegranate and I have not yet tried the Green Goodness, but I was willing to buy all of these because they were on sale [:-)], and because I've liked most of the others I've tried. I don't care for carrot juice, but the carrot juice with orange juice is good.

When I see the name Bolthouse Farms, I automatically trust the product.  Their vegetables are always good.  It's not always easy to get good carrots in Texas, so if I can get carrots by them, I’m pretty well-assured that they are not going to be tasteless, like most carrots available in Texas.  Bolthouse Farms must be a well-run company because their products are always top quality.  I don't like them all, but they are so diverse, it would be amazing if someone liked them all.  

If you have trouble getting your daily fruits and vegetables, these smoothies are a great way to get what your body needs.  I give the Daily Green 0 stars, but the Blueberry, Mixed Berry and Strawberry Banana get 5 stars.  You will have to try them to see which ones you like.  If you really hate eating fruits and vegetables, you might consider making a Bolthouse Farms smoothie a part of your dinner.

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LindaGregg recommends Bolthouse Farms Fruit Smoothies Drink

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