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Brookdale Vienna Sausage - reviews

Average: 4.5 (2 votes)

  • Mystery that some cans contain 6 sausages and some contain 7.

    myrawms's picture

    I buy Brookdale Vienna Sausage in cans at Aldi's and have been for years.  Lately, I've noticed that some cans are one sausage short and I cannot figure out why.  I am wondering if the 6 in the can will become the norm like our candy bars that are now much smaller and cost more. Read more

  • Little cuties.

    Pennie's picture

    I love these little cute sausages from Brookdale. They have a wonderful taste and they are so very tender. They are small and comes in a small can that is very easy to open so when you need to cook something up real quick, they are great. Read more

Type: Sausage
Brand: Brookdale
Category: Food & Drinks
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