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Written on Saturday, November 23, 2013
Pros: flavor, individual packets, some sweetness, tie over to next meal, variety
Cons: messy, not natural ingredients, small for a meal

There is no denying that these individual packets of nuts, dried fruit, and granola are delicious. But, the "breakfast" and "to-go" aspects of the product are questionable. 

First, I'm not sure this is really much of a breakfast. Maybe if you have a hard time stomaching any food in the morning then you might call this breakfast. Each individual pouch contains about a mere 43 grams of food. For me, part of a meal is the mental aspect of eating something substantial, Something as small as this little guy doesn't meet that criteria. 

However, the snack possibilities for this product are great. If you need a snack to tie you over to your next meal, one of these pouches works well. There isn't a lot of food, but with the granola and nuts, there is enough protein and fiber to reduce the hunger pains. I have to work during the period which my body would prefer I eat lunch, so I sneak one of these pouches in as a snack, and I can comfortably last until after my shift. 

But, the "sneaking" is really not very sneaky at all. Unlike a granola bar which is one cohesive food item, this product is a bunch of little items thrown together in a bag. This makes the "to-go" qualities of the product questionable. I would never try eating this product while driving or otherwise physically on the go. If you have five or ten minutes to yourself in a space you can get a little messy, then this is a good choice. It can be challenging to get all the granola and other elements gracefully out of the bag. I often end up spilling at least a little of the granola

One other challenge for the product is the ingredients list. There are quite a few, and somewhat mysterious ingredients in the product. If you are heavily invested in eating simple, natural foods, this may be a serious issue for you. If not, these ingredients do combine to make a delicious combination of items. 

The main reasons I really like this product is the flavor and variety. The packets come in a variety of different combinations all with a fairly distinct flavor. Some have chocolate elements, yogurt raisins, and different types of nuts.The yogurt raisins and fruit give this product enough sweetness to satisfy my sweet tooth without drowning me in frosted, deep fried carbs. I like the simplicity of grabbing this little pouch in the morning knowing I'll have something interesting to eat that will tie me over to my next meal. And in general, the included items are fairly healthy, especially when compared to some of the extremely sweet products marketed as breakfast food. 

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louisanna6 recommends Emerald Breakfast on the go! Nut and Granola Mix

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Brand: Emerald
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