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French's Classic Yellow Mustard Sauce - reviews

Average: 4.3 (3 votes)

  • The best plain mustard

    ronnywriter's picture

    I think just about everyone has tried French's yellow mustard because they have dominated the competition for so long. What many people might not know is that there is a reason it has long been considered the best. Read more

  • Simple and Classic

    freshlimesoda's picture

    This hands down one of the best store bought mustard I have tasted. The Classic Yellow mustard has a lot of tall claims on the packaging but believe me they are true! The proof is in the taste of the mustard. Mustard goes along with almost any snack for me, be it chips, sandwich or a basic hotdog. Read more

  • Classic Mustard

    ArcadiaLynn's picture

    French's Classic mustard sauce is always in my fridge. It sits next to my ketchup and mayo. I consider it to be a staple in my kitchen. I typically use it on sandwiches. Read more

Type: Sauce
Brand: French's
Category: Food & Drinks
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