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Written on Thursday, January 23, 2014
Pros: nutritional value, price
Cons: contains aspartame

For years now my daughter has been dancing competitively with her Dance Studio.  This year she added Competitive Show Choir to her schedule.  She has always tried to drink lots of water and sports drinks.  This year she wanted to add some green tea, because there was no way she could afford to get sick.


She had actually found something she really liked, but that store no longer carries it, so she had to find something else. She and I together decided to try the Lipton Diet Green Tea with Mixed Berry.  Now Lipton is the only kind of tea we had around my house, or even my grandparents’ houses when I was growing up.  I have tried other brands over the years but there is just no replacing Lipton.


This has zero calories, and comes in a 16.9 fl. oz. bottle. The mixed berry hides the slight tang of the green tea, as my daughter calls it. I just think the flavor makes it that much more refreshing to drink.  My only complaint about it is that they use aspartame in the drink. I have had trouble with aspartame for years. It makes my migraines worse and does other nasty things to my system, so I am limited to only one bottle per day, and sometimes I have to skip a day or two.  My daughter hasn't noticed any problems drinking it, but since I have problems I am watching her more closely to make sure she didn't inherit the same problems.


Since I would have problems I would love for them to use Splenda instead. I have no problems at all with it and can drink as much as I want without a problem.  I am sure I am not the only person out there that has problems, most just don't know it's the Aspartame. I was lucky in that my neurologist mentioned it when I came in with serve migraines.  By cutting out Aspartame I have reduced my migraines by half, the rest are controlled with medicine.


Enough of the sweetener talk, this is about the tea. It's Lipton so it just has to be good. Then there are the mixed berries, well let’s just say that it has gotten the world’s two worst eaters to both try it and like it enough they will drink it when it's in the house.  Of course that means that is always at the house.  So if you want to add green tea to your diet but just were a little afraid, Lipton Diet Green Tea with Mixed Berry could be the perfect starting place for you!

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kayciwebster recommends Lipton Diet with Mixed Berry Green Tea

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Type: Tea
Brand: Lipton
Category: Food & Drinks
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