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Mids Homestyle Pasta Sauce - reviews

Average: 3.5 (2 votes)

  • Too Thick and Too Sweet

    andiesmama's picture

    I fully realize that pasta sauce in a jar does not hold a candle to home made. However, sometimes I am pressed for time and use pre-packaged sauce in a pinch. This brand, Mids, was on sale at my local grocery store so I grabbed a jar to give it a try. Read more

  • Outstanding, as good as homemade!

    HomecookTN's picture

    I used to make homemade but since trying this product and their pizza sauce never again. I could eat it from the jar it's so good! The layers of flavor they are able to maintain with a consumer produced product totally amazes me. Read more

Type: Sauce
Brand: Mids
Category: Food & Drinks
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