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Swiss Miss Classics Marshmallow Lovers Hot Cocoa Mix Drink - reviews

Average: 4 (2 votes)

  • Perfect Blend of Marshmallows and Hot Cocoa

    freshlimesoda's picture

    I am a hot cocoa addict and prefer it over milk any given day. This has nothing to with age! The Swiss Miss is a good hot cocoa mix with marshmallows. Perfect for the fall and winter. It is available in most departmental stores, supermarkets and online as well. Read more

  • A delicious classic

    StarryEyedSurpise's picture

    This is simply the most classic hot chocolate on the market. And it is still there because it's the best. I've been drinking it since I was a child. Having a cup of this on a cold, snowy Winter day reminds me of my childhood. The flavor of this is a rich burst of chocolate. Read more

Type: Drink
Category: Food & Drinks
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