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Wrigley Skittles Darkside Candy - reviews

Average: 4.5 (2 votes)

  • Different from the norm!

    ab007's picture

    I had the privilege of eating these skittles alongside the original kind of skittles, so I did a comparison of the two. The Darkside skittles are very different from the original kind, but not in a bad way. Read more

  • Delicious dark flavors

    louisanna6's picture

    This spin on the classic skittles flavors is delicious. I'm not normally much of a skittles person, but these little guys have really grown on me.  With other skittles packs, there were some flavors which were really intense. At times they made my mouth water. Read more

Type: Candy
Brand: Wrigley
Category: Food & Drinks
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