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Bath & Body Works Forever Red Fine Fragrance Mist - reviews

Average: 5 (2 votes)

  • A wonderful alluring and unique fragrance for women

    dawnabell's picture

    Bath & Body Works launched their Forever Red fragrance a few months ago, and I have been addicted to it  ever since I first stopped by the store one afternoon and tested it out.The fragrance is one of the most unique and, dare I say, sexiest that the company has put out to date. Read more

  • The best scent from Bath and Body Works

    ArcadiaLynn's picture

    This is the best scent that Bath and Body Works has come out with in years. I am a loyal Bath and Body Works customer, but the last few years they have cancelled all my favorite scents and none of their new scents were appealing. Read more

Category: Fragrance
Gender: For Women
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