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Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush Body Mist - reviews

Average: 4.3 (3 votes)

  • Smells Yummy!

    dawlfayce's picture

    When I am at Victoria's Secret, I always make an effort to smell the perfumes and body mists. I guess this is just a force of habit, since I have an addiction to buying anything that smells good. I saw these Beauty Rush Body Mists and decided to give them a smell too. Read more

  • It is unique and I love it

    hdgallagher's picture

    My family loves giving me perfumes and colognes and everything in between. Theyve been doing this since I was a little girl, so I grew up liking smelling good all the time. My friends know about this and one of them recommended I try Victorias Secret Beauty Rush in Plum Drop. Read more

  • LOVE!

    lizabeth420's picture

    The Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush mist in Plum Drop is my absolute favorite body mist. It is perfect for summer and spring. The scent is light but strong enough where I can still smell it on me throughout the day. It stays amazingly well in my hair, which is a big deal for me. Read more

Category: Fragrance
Gender: For Women
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