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Kindle Fire Tablet - reviews

Average: 5 (2 votes)

  • Easy to use tablet, with great battery

    gvaldes1's picture

    Light, easy to use, and long-lasting battery. I normally do not recommend products that do not merit it, but the Kindle Fire sure does. When I first thought about getting one, I did not think I was going to use it so much. Sure, I thought I would use it to read every once in a while, but oh no. Read more

  • Apps, Books, and Magazines Right at Your Fingertips

    dsemidey's picture

    I have a computer and a laptop at home and I have an Andoroid phone. I also have a computer on my desk at work. I guess you could say that I am always in reach of a device that operates like a computer does so why would I need a tablet? Read more

Type: Tablet
Brand: Kindle
Category: Gadgets
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