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Written on Thursday, March 12, 2015
Pros: great for planting row crops, precise weeding in tight spaces
Cons: does not replace a conventional hoe

You are probably familiar with the ordinary garden hoe with a flat, square blade perpendicular to its handle.  These hoes break up clods and once the plants are up they chop out weeds. A True Temper Warren Hoe is different: the blade has an arrowhead shape instead of rectangular, though it’s also at a right angle to the handle. An ordinary garden hoe is wide and dull, but a Warren hoe has a pointed tip.

Warren hoes are great for planting row crops like corn and peas, using the pointed tip to carve a furrow in loose soil. Once the seeds are in place, you turn the hoe over and use the back side to cover your furrow. A practiced user can you can make long, straight furrows ranging from ½” to 2” depth.

As the plants mature, Warren hoes become cultivating tools. The narrow tip makes them good in tight spaces, such as among rows of root crops spaced a few inches apart. The point can reach weeds in tight spots or pick out wide-spaced weedlings. If you don’t have a regular hoe on hand, you can use the blade’s side for a scraping action.

True Temper's version has a welded steel ferrule and blade on a 53-inch hardwood handle. The back side of the blade is 4.75” wide and the metal blade is 6.625” high. Like all True Temper hand tools, the hoe comes with a five-year warranty.

Although no gardener says a True Temper Warren Hoe is essential, it does make planting and cultivation go more quickly. That's not to mention that its precise action might save a mature plant or two in the hot, sweaty part of the summer.

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2labz recommends Ames True Temper Warren Hoe

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