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Written on Tuesday, March 17, 2015
Pros: classic design, sturdy and tough, well-made
Cons: doesn't dig by itself

Gardeners spend winter nights repairing tools, drooling over gardening magazines, and waiting until the soil is warm enough to plant. A tool I sharpen every winter is a Truper 4-Tine Spading Fork, the kind that has a short handle with a big D on top.  Spading forks are how we gardeners till the soil in our gardens in spring, and how we dig up our root vegetables in the fall. These forks don’t replace shovels if you have to cut through sod to dig a new bed, nor are they useful for mucking out the pigsty.

Truper’s fork has a 30” wood handle and a wood and steel D-loop at the top to improve your grip. The four tines are about 11” long, and spaced around 2” apart. The head’s total width is slightly over 7”, the same size as a shovel. The tines are slightly curved in the middle, and the metal head is forged from quality steel with an 8” ferrule where it attaches to the handle.

My old spading fork went bye-bye a few seasons ago when I found a big stone while digging: when I pulled it out, a tine was bent backward so that fork became useless. The replacement proves tougher by far, because the tines are thicker than those on my old one and are made of higher-grade steel.

A Truper 4-Tine Spading Fork follows the classic design for the tool, such as its curved tines and short handle with a D-loop. Unlike the inexpensive forks some BigBox stores sell, it's well-made of quality materials. Properly cared for –cleaned and sharpened regularly and kept dry - this fork will last a lifetime.

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2labz recommends Truper 4-Tine Garden Spading Fork

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