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Written on Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Conair Infiniti Nano Silver:  Hair Straightener Won’t Break the Bank!


                Have you ever looked at those super high-priced straighteners and thought to yourself, “I’m going to have to do this.  This is the only way I am ever going to get the results I want when straightening my hair?”  Have you spent obscene amounts of money buying straightener after straightener, buying into their advertising hype “this one really works,” and thinking that eventually, one of them would actually work?  Well, if you have said yes to anything I have mentioned, welcome to my club:  the one I started and run!  You’re not alone, there are a lot of us out there and some are still out there, refusing to ante up the money to buy a Chi or other high-priced straightener, thinking that this NEXT one WILL work!  I’ve been there, done that.  I found one!

                The Conair Infiniti I bought was under $70, in fact, I bought it online and even with shipping, I spent a total of about $58 and some change.  This sounds like a lot of money for a straightener, I thought so too, however, I did not want to drop the almost $200 my hair dresser was selling her “top end” straighteners for, and I NEEDED a straightener (don’t you love how I emphasized the word needed?) and I knew that if I wanted one that really was going to at least pretend to work, I would have to drop at least a little more cash than I wanted.

                I felt the price was a solid compromise between a mall kiosk straightener price, and the cheap ones I had purchased prior to this one and I couldn’t wait to get it home and try it out.  I had, of course, zero expectations, and did not want to raise my hopes in the event that they should fall, when the product would, as always had happened in the past, disappoint me in one way or another.  This product did not do that!  In fact, I was so pleasantly surprised, I may have actually squealed with delight!  This thing had retractable detangling combs for my always-messy, super-fine, tangles!  I was stoked!  It has a steaming function which made my hair look really shiny and I did not have the issue of my hair looking really frizzy or unpolished when I was done straightening it.  It has temperature settings, as well, so I can simply do a touch-up, or I can completely straighten my hair!

                This product is worth every penny I paid for it and no false advertising here!  My hair doesn’t look damaged, as I use this product often; I expected my hair to begin looking awful after a while! It offers so many advantages, such as the ceramic plates, the bag to stow it away in, and of course, the fact that it actually works!  These are all bonuses in my book and I highly recommend this product to anyone needing to purchase a straightener, yet not wanting to throw down $200 to assure the purchase of a “good” one.  This straightener; it’s a good one!  I promise!

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freespirit92779 recommends Conair Infiniti Nano Silver Hair Straightener

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