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Written on Wednesday, December 31, 2014

When I first started dying my hair, it used to be done by a professional on a regular basis at a hair salon – which was great for the start so that I could see how the dying process works and to finally decide on my desired color. As I realized I was able to do it myself in order to save a bit of time and money, I was rather anxious about my hair dye since my hairdresser was using something indented solely for professionals that cannot be found in regular stores. The perfect color was my imperative. To be more specific, I was exclusively aiming for a particular red shade – one that would not be too garishly red, but that won’t be too dull and on the brown side, either. Moreover, I desperately needed a dye that would be rather durable and vibrant for at least three weeks to a month. This was particularly challenging due to the fact that red dyes are notorious for fading out too quickly, after only a couple of washes.

I decided to go with Garnier because I always loved their hair products (their shampoos and hair masks truly had a gorgeous effect on my hair). This brand is extremely reasonable with prices whereas quality is truly high. Furthermore, their shade 6.60 – Intense Light Red – seemed perfect in terms of what I was looking for. Another feature that I loved was the fact that it was intended for dark hair, which worked perfectly for me bearing in mind that my natural hair color is a shade between a dark brown and black.

The product
The product

Number one thing that was a huge plus for me occurred as soon as I opened the box. It contained absolutely everything one needs in order to perform a task of hair dying. There is no need for a plastic bowl and/or brush of any kind since you mix the ingredients in a plastic bottle you’ll find in the box that is conveniently made so that it is incredibly precise and easy to use. Its top is of a narrow, syringe-looking shape, so the output of the mixture is well controlled and accurate – there is no possible danger of spillage or unsatisfactory application. You also get a pair of gloves and a nourishing mask that will even more smoothen your hair, making the color beautifully shiny and durable.

The contents of the product box will provide you with everything you need
The contents of the product box will provide you with everything you need

Thanks to the most convenient contents of the hair dye package, the process is incredibly painless in terms of hassle and time-consumption. Even for the inexperienced, this task will be quite a straightforward, swift one. What’s more, the process for the dye to settle is 20-40 minutes, which is very decent.

Even after a good year and a half of actively using this product, I am impressed every single time I touch my hair after the dying process – it is almost unbelievably silky, shiny and soft. Contrary to the opinion that common, drug store hair dyes have a damaging and drying effect of your hair, Garnier Nutrisse actually nourishes and heals it thanks to its ingredients. As stated on the official Garnier website and on the product itself, it is fortified by:

grape seed oil and a nourishing triple-oil conditioner containing a blend of avocado, shea & olive oils.

Also, as claimed, the colour indeed stays rich, intense and vibrant for more than a month. If you are dying your own hair, in your home conditions, this product will provide you with treatment and quality you can easily expect at a professional hair salon. You will achieve a desired look without much effort, mess or amount of time, your hair will be protected from dryness and damage (on the contrary, it will feel very healthy and full of life) and it will be incredibly affordable.

The result is smooth and shiny hair & vibrant and rich colour
The result is smooth and shiny hair & vibrant and rich colour

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LotCoy recommends Garnier Fructis Nutrisse Nourishing Color Creme

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Type: Hair Color
Brand: Garnier
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