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Revlon Colorsilk Beautiful Color Hair Color - reviews

Average: 3.4 (5 votes)

  • A Silky Rich Shade of Brown

    mmumbi's picture

    My sisters and I are huge fans of Revlon Color silk hair dyes. I have been coloring my hair since 2010 and this is the only product I have used so far because it doesn't damage my hair as much. I was scared to change the color of my hair for the first time so I said why not try on a cheaper hair… Read more

  • The Color Fades Fast

    Melanie Sue's picture

    With two females in the house, we color our hair quite often. While I dont mind changing brands of hair color, I do mind purchasing a color that doesnt last as advertised. Revlons Colorsilk is that brand in this house. Read more

  • It looks great, and I think it will last a long while

    reco-agent's picture

    Since I was a teenager, I've liked to play around with my hair color.  Even though I still enjoy it, I've stopped using bright colors like hot pink and electric blue, and I've chosen to start using more natural colors.  When I started looking into black hair dye, Id heard good things about Revlon… Read more

  • Great Subtle Color

    Reviewing Mama's picture

    I've always been one who likes to change things up. My hair has been a wide variety of colors over the years from copper to blond, even black. However, I also know that as I get older you have to be more careful with how often and what you use to dye your hair. Read more

  • An old favorite- NO longer a favorite!

    StarryEyedSurpise's picture

    Some people swear by this stuff and about 5 years ago, I did too. These days this product leaves a lot left to be desired. This just can't come anywhere close in comparison to the hair coloring stuff out there on the market today. Read more

Type: Hair Color
Brand: Revlon
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