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Suave Spray for Kids- Soft and Smooth Detangler - reviews

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  • The Only Way To Brush a Kids Hair

    fyyrest0rm's picture

    My 2 year old daughter has long, soft hair. She also has a sensitive scalp. This means that when it is time to brush her hair, you would think that she was being tortured. She cries, she screams, and she does anything she can not to have her hair brushed. Read more

  • Works Great on Tangles.

    lizabeth420's picture

    I will admit that this is my second time around trying this detangler out. Mainly because I needed one and because this was the only one that my local store carries. The bottle says it works on dry hair as well as wet hair but I find it works BEST when the hair is at least damp. Read more

Type: Detangler
Brand: Suave
Category: Baby Care Products
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