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Western Digital My Passport USB Flash Drive - reviews

Average: 4.7 (3 votes)

  • compact

    pranathi's picture

    I purchased the Western Digital hard drive as a backup and storage drive. I have had this drive for several months. It is nearly full but it still working as fast as new. Even the cable has not given up which I thought was a possibility upon reading several reviews about this drive. Read more

  • An Essential Backup Tool

    freshlimesoda's picture

    This beauty was a gift to myself, for no particular reason other than the fact that I had a huge number of work files to be backed up. More often than not, we are always running out of space to store the ever burgeoning stock of pictures, documents and the like. This is the perfect solution. Read more

  • Perfect for on the move storage

    lauragabrielle's picture

    I am always needing to store big files at work and at home, and backing up from my laptop when I am on the move. Beside my desk I have quite a bulky hard drive that I back up all my files to, but I also need something for when I am not at home, to back up my laptop files and also to transfer files… Read more

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