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Gillette Fusion Proglide Men's Razors - reviews

Average: 4.3 (3 votes)

  • Makes shaving a better experience

    jranie22jr's picture

    I always see commercials for men's and women's razors, and the difference between them is the experience.  I am sick of the perfumey, flowery, and feminine nature of the razors they come out with for women.  I bought this Gillette Proglide razor, and I am a woman.  I love the 5 blades and the… Read more

  • It works for me as well

    hdgallagher's picture

    Don't get me wrong, I don't shave my beard for a very simple reason, I am a woman and I have no beard. But as a wife, I always do the shopping  for my husbands stuff. I know the good quality stuff that men use. Read more

  • A solid razor, but pricey

    ronnywriter's picture

    A lot of guys can use any razor and don't notice a huge difference between them, but I am the type of guy who needs both comfort and consistency in order to keep using my razors. This one from Gillette is definitely a keeper because it shaves close and never aggravates my skin. Read more

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