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Written on Wednesday, February 13, 2019
Pros: auto shutoff, heats quickly, moist heat, washable cover
Cons: pad not washable, tiny indicator lights

Getting older? Even if you're not there yet, there'll come a day when all your little aches and pains will gang up on you at the same time. When that day comes, you'll do exactly what I did - head for the nearest pharmacy and pick up a new heating. I was contemplating the stock, and wow! is there a variety of heating pads from which to choose! Choices like timer or no? moist or not? washable, washable cover, or neither? auto off, heat sensor, soft touch controls... I basically picked the one that was easiest to reach - and here's what I got: a Sunbeam Ultraheat Heating Pad.

Sunbeam has about forty different heating pads, so I'll try to explain this one:

  • It's standard size, twelve inches by fifteen. They also sell a more expensive king size that's twelve by twenty-four inches, but this one's big enough. So far, anyway.
  • It has "ultraheat technology," which Sunbeam claims allows the pad to heat up faster and maintain more consistent temperature without the danger of overheating (it has a safety circuit built in to shut off in case of overheating). Less expensive versions have conventional heating elements.
  • It has a removable cover, a heavy flannel "pillow case" with a snap closure, that can be tossed in the washing machine. Less expensive versions lack a removable cover; while more expensive pads can be disconnected from their power cord, machine- or hand-washed, and tumbled dry.
  • This one has an automatic off circuit. The pad stays "ON" for two hours and then shuts off by itself. If you're not done, you can reset it for another two hours.
  • It has a removable sponge that can be dampened and then tucked in next to the heat source to provide moist heat. About half of Sunbeam's models are designed only for dry heat.
  • This one has three heat settings controlled by a single pushbutton. The temperatures range from 110 to 160° F (43 to 71° C). The controller is an ergonomically-shaped plastic pad fixed into the nine-foot AC power cord.

Using the pad is dirt simple: just plug it in and push the control button to select the desired heat setting. With the ultraheat technology, the pad heats up in just a few minutes (the old one could take twenty minutes sometimes). Then apply the pad to the achy body part, sigh, and sit back.

Ahhhhhhhh. Now that's better. Unfortunately, it looks like we're gonna wear this one out pretty fast (whimper).

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2labz recommends Sunbeam UltraHeat Heating Pad

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