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Crest Pro-Health Complete Clean Fluoride Mouthwash - reviews

Average: 2.3 (3 votes)

  • Has a disgusting taste that lingers for hours. No thanks!

    dawnabell's picture

    Crest Pro-Health is advertised as the ultimate mouthwash product with its ability to freshen breath, kill germs, prevent gum disease, provide 24-hour protection from harmful bacteria, and rebuild tooth enamel, all without the burn of alcohol contained in the ingredients of many other mouth rinses. Read more

  • My Favorite All-in-One Rinse

    scifidi's picture

    Mouth rinses have come a long way since solely freshening breath.  Nowadays they strengthen enamel, prevent cavities, clean and brighten teeth and kill bad breath bacteria.  Not bad for a thirty-second swish.  And while the Crest complete series of fluoride rinses cost a bit more than regular… Read more

  • Eats Your Mouth And Stains!

    vitalaeon's picture

    I don't know what the deal is with this mouth wash, but it is definitely not cool. My roommate moved in and she brought this mouth wash with her. I don't know what made me want to try this stuff, but I am sorry that I did. Read more

Type: Mouthwash
Brand: Crest
Category: Health Care
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