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L'il Critters Immune C Gummy Bears Children's Vitamins - reviews

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  • Delicious gummy vitamins for kids!

    gvaldes1's picture

    If you are like me, then your kids dislike to take their vitamins in the morning. Before I purchased these gummy vitamins, I used to find little pills hidden anywhere you could imagine, like in lunchboxes, behind the toothpaste in the bathroom, in pockets. Anywhere you could think of. Read more

  • Great Taste and Boosts Immune System

    andiesmama's picture

    One of my jobs as a mom is to make sure my daughter gets the nutrition she needs. However, being a tween, it isn't always easy to ensure she eats the foods that she should. That's why I supplement her diet with vitamins. I have tried a variety of different brands and L'il Critters wins, hands down. Read more

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