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Written on Friday, August 8, 2014

Listerine Total Care Fresh Mint Anticavity Mouthwash can be a key player in the fight for healthy teeth.  While it claims 6 oral health benefit with regular use, the significant one is fluoride, the mineral that strengthens the enamel of teeth.  Other mouthwashes make similar enamel-hardening claims, but Listerine Total Care Fresh Mint Anticavity Mouthwash has ingredients to enable the rinse to actually “remineralize” enamel.  

Tooth enamel is under attack by so much of what Americans put into their mouths.  Some of these are coffee, tea, and red wine; sports drinks and soft drinks; whitening teeth too often; and drinking bottled water.  That last one surprised me, but most tap water has fluoride in it whereas bottles water does not.  If you use any or all of these, you need Listerine Total Care Fresh Mint Anticavity Mouthwash.  The Listerine Company suggests using it twice a day, but I usually get only one use per day, but even once a day is better than none at all.

Unlike other rinses, Listerine Total Care Fresh Mint Anticavity Mouthwash advises users over 12 years old to swish 2 teaspoons—easily measured with the cap—for one minute after brushing.  I found that to be a very long minute but got used to it after a while.  Also, I was used to gargling with other Listerine rinses, but with Listerine Total Care Fresh Mint Anticavity Mouthwash, the rinse should only be in the mouth then spit out.  And the last different instruction was not to eat or drink anything for 30 minutes after use.  The mouthwash will cause whatever is eaten or drunk to leave a very peculiar aftertaste.  Of course, it should be kept away from children who might drink it, which may necessitate a call to the Poison Control Center.

Keep your dental future bright with Listerine Total Care Fresh Mint Anticavity Mouthwash!

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lesmille recommends Listerine Total Care Fresh Mint Mouthwash

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Type: Mouthwash
Brand: Listerine
Category: Health Care
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