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Little Remedies Saline Spray/Drops for Dry or Stuffy Noses - reviews

Average: 4.5 (2 votes)

  • Great For Young Children

    treybisbellatru's picture

    I use the Little Remedies Saline SprayDrops for Dry or Stuffy Noses on my 5 month old daughter when she is sick or has nasal congestion. The liquid always seems to come out a little to fast so i use an eye dropper when i give it to my daughter. Read more

  • One natural and effective way to help clear out your baby's stuffy nose.

    codyg2's picture

    My 3-month-old started experiencing nasal congestion for the first time recently. I was using a nasal aspirator to clear out her nasal passages, and it was working somewhat, but my husband and I could still hear her snorting while breathing even right after Id cleared her passages out. Read more

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