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Vick's NyQuil Nighttime Relief Cold & Flu Medicine - reviews

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  • Gives you the rest you need so you can feel better.

    shanoko's picture

    This medicine is good to keep on hand in the colder months of the year.  It relieves pain well, lets you calm down and relax so that you can sleep better when you're sick. I got the dreaded "swine flu" back when I was living on my own and going to university. Read more

  • Good Taste with Quick Results

    paralagrat's picture

    Nyquil is a trusted name for treating cold and flu symptoms and their nighttime version is no exception. I usually keep a bottle in my medicine cabinet but recently ran out. The cherry vanilla swirl flavor caught my eye as these are two of my favorites. Read more

  • Nyquil never lets me down

    MandiH's picture

    I've used Nyquil for years. I just recently got over a cold and Nyquil was the medicine I used at night. You see the commercials on television with people passed out cold in their beds from Nyquil. I admit I've had similar experiences from Nyquil. It does help relieve my cold symptoms. Read more

Brand: Vick's
Category: Health Care
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